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High Speeding Imaging

Each histotropsy pulse generates a dynamically changing cluster of microbubbles. The bubbles behave as one dynamic unit, growing and shrinking together, and therefore this bubble cluster can be called a "bubble cloud" as defined by previous cavitation researchers.

Important time scale:
Histotripsy Pulse: several μsec
Collapse cycle of the bubble cloud: several hundred μsec
Residual bubbles from cloud collapse: several msec

Non-prenucleated single pulse in water

Prenucleated 3 cycle (4 μs long at 750kHz) pulse in water

Prenucleated 15 cycle (20 μs long at 750kHz) pulse in water

10 cycle (14 μs long at 750kHz) pulse at a tissue-water interface

10 cycle (14 μs long at 750kHz) pulse in tissue-mimicking gel phantom (taken with long distance microscope)

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